Testing, testing, 1, 2…just a quick note to check that this is up and running.  Rest assured that my upcoming trip is pretty much all I can think about at this point, and expect a longer post on my love of packing when I get this whole blogging thing figured out.

All for now!



5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Karen Sue Dobson says:

    Bon voyage, Kim! Hope you have a wonderful trip and look forward to following your and hearing about your adventures. Travel safely 🙂

    • Kim, we are sooooooo excited for you!! Enjoy the whole process of preparing for the adventure of a lifetime!! Thanks for sending us your site! Be gentle with your folks….it will be tough to see you leave….your mom will need lots of hugs!! We look forward to reading your entries! Take care!

  2. Laura Taylor-Lloyd says:

    I can’t help but think about 6 y/o Kim as you embark on this great adventure so I will quote one of my favorite first graders, Junie B. Jones. “Wowie wow wow!”

    You go and have the time of your life! But don’t forget your way home…

    Much love,
    Aunt Laura

  3. Nicole Aadson says:

    Kim, I truly will miss you swinging socks with me! You a sweet girl and I hope you experience and see things you will cherish your entire life! Safe travels and don’t forget to write! 😀

  4. Holly Morris says:

    Espero leer de varias aventuras tuyas, hermana! Celosa estoy, pero más orgullosa!!! besos xoxox

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