I love packing.

I know, weird, right?  Stuffing your life into suitcases and boxes, recalling all your far-flung possessions from every corner of the house, never being able to find that one last elusive sock—not how most people would choose to spend a day, but I really enjoy it.  Of course, it took a little while to recover what I really wanted from the morass of clothes and assorted junk on the floor of my room.  Tidiness hasn’t been high on my list of priorities these past couple of weeks.

Chaos! Where to start?!

Packing is strangely comforting to me.  Having all of my favorite things close at hand in one place soothes both my habit of worrying as well as my OCD/neatnik tendencies.  I love the sight of a box filled with books slotted in neatly side-by-side almost as much as I like filling every last zippered suitcase pocket with some little treasure.  Normally I tend to overpack—my philosophy being that if I don’t bring an item along I’m sure to desperately need it—so for this trip it’s been a challenge to pare everything down to just the essentials.  It’s very satisfying to know that everything in these bags has a place and a purpose.

Done! (Note my little friend perched on the suitcase. Do you play Angry Birds? Neither do I, but a friend does, and he gifted me a little plush of one of the game's characters to take with me. Gotta love pop culture.)

Of course, aesthetics aside, it’s also pleasing from an economic standpoint too—I hear that charges for overweight luggage can be pretty steep, and I was happy to find that each of my bags was way under the weight limit. 🙂

Aside from my passport, my dictionary and various medicines, I think the most important thing to find its way into my carry-on was a jar of peanut butter.  😉

Mom and I are off to Des Moines tomorrow to stay overnight with family; I fly out of Des Moines on Wednesday afternoon.  Still can’t believe this is actually about to happen!  I’m excited and nervous and impatient, all rolled into one giant neurotic bundle.  More to follow when I have a chance. 🙂



One thought on “Packing

  1. Nicole Aadson says:

    I am so excited for you! The angry birds plush, very good essential! Take many pictures with him! 😀

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