Getting settled

Wow.  I can’t believe I’m finally here!

The plane trip was a success, surprisingly—I hate heights and rollercoasters, so I was kind of nervous about flying, but I have faith in science (is that an oxymoron?).  I lucked out and had a window seat over a wing for both flights, and while the view was lovely, seeing a plane wing wobble while you’re tens of thousands of feet above the ground is very disconcerting.  (But other strong stuff like bridges and trees has to be able to flex too, I remembered, which made me feel better.)

The bedroom I share with Sally, who is from Pittsburgh

I’m living in a beautiful house with very sweet host parents and three wonderful housemates.  It’s kind of far from the city proper, but it’s apparently close to the university where we’ll all be taking classes, which will be nice (we take a placement test on Monday, and classes start Tuesday).

The weather is a little brisk (40 degrees or so), and it looks like it might rain today, but spring is just around the corner!

On Friday one of the CEA staff took us on a bus tour of the six neighborhoods we’ll be spending most of our time in, to get acquainted with the layout of the city and where everything is in relation to everything else.  The architecture is gorgeous—lots of different influences from all over the world.  I took a couple quick pictures but my camera was running low on battery, and I’ve got lots of time here yet to take more. 🙂

All for now!  More to follow when classes start. (I’m sorry for the weird picture layout—I’m still getting the hang of using WordPress.  Prettier posts in future!  Maybe even with the pictures all facing the right way up, if we’re lucky.)

A storefront in La Boca---the three statues on the balcony are a renowned soccer player (whose name I don't remember), Eva Perón, and Carlos Gardel, all dearly beloved Argentine figures.

The obelisk---a well-known monument right in the middle of the central downtown area.


7 thoughts on “Getting settled

  1. They have McDonalds! Yippee! Now you gotta try it and see if it tastes the When I was in the Carribean they had a burger king and it tasted somewhat similar, but different. Glad everything is going good so far and your seeing all these great places already. 🙂

  2. Holly Morris says:

    Maradona es el jugador de fútbol 😉

  3. Kim says:

    Scott—only you would notice the McDonald’s! 😉

    Holly—gracias, eso me suena familiar!

  4. What fun it will be to follow your trip and see things through your eyes!! Keep the posts coming! And the pics are great! Just so you don’t feel bad, it’s supposed to get down to 49 degrees tonight….you get spring and we get fall weather! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. can i just say that i wish i could click a little like button next to “I have faith in science (is that an oxymoron?)” i reeeeeeally wish i could because that is one of the best observations ever.<3

  6. eva says:

    I’m glad that your plane trip was a success! I nearly told you that turbulence is totally normal, but I was worried that it would make you more nervous 😛
    Also, I like your pictures.
    Have a good first day of class! 😀

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! 😀 I’ve also been watching a lot of Lost this summer, so I was also envisioning our plane being brought down by a huge malfunctioning electromagnet on a secret island where we would then have to fight off polar bears and smoke monsters. Not super realistic 😉

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