Spent some time this afternoon soaking up some sun by the river (just a short walk from our house) with a housemate.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the first day of spring, which is also the national holiday of Students’ Day!  No classes are held, and apparently students flock to the city’s parks to drink mate (popular Argentine herbal drink, a lot like really strong, really bitter green tea) and just hang out.  Our plan right now for our free day is to find the modern art museum and spend a good part of the day there.  I’m excited, I love museums 😀

On Saturday a CEA staff member took a big group of students from our exchange program on an excursion to Tigre, which is a river delta area about an hour-long train ride from the University of Belgrano.  It’s a network of islands composed mostly of sediment deposited by the river—some people live there permanently, but it’s also a popular place to have a summer home or a campsite.  In place of roads, there are small branches of the river; all of the transport is via a boat of some form.  (Fun fact: there are no grocery stores.  The grocery boat comes around twice a day and you have to hang a flag out on your dock if you want it to stop at your house so you can buy supplies.  Tough luck if you miss it!)  Our group took a boat tour around a small loop of the area, during which I took a handful of pictures, which are posted below.  Happy viewing!

Map of Tigre at the train station


The train station at Tigre

The inside of the boat we had all to ourselves 😀

Neat building! I think it was a casino...?

First of many adorable tiny cottages.

Love the purple flowers festooning the dock! Also, I love the word "festoon."

Another picturesque dock.

Would love to know the story behind how this got here. Maybe I'll make one up...

The houses ranged from simple cottages to more ornate buildings like this one.

Kind of a gray day, but pretty nonetheless.

Tiny church! Love the bright red doorstep.

My one attempt at an artistic shot.

Farrah & I

Looking back on our way back to the train station.

And there you have it!  I hope to have pictures of the house and my family/housemates here up soon.  Internet access at the house has been kinda spotty; I think we’re having trouble with our router.  All for now—thanks for stopping by 🙂


One thought on “Tigre

  1. My goodness! Your life is definitely an adventure! Love the pics that go with your stories! So many great memories! Thanks for posting and sharing with all of us back home!

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