Neighborhood tour

It is now officially spring in Buenos Aires! …though the weather is still making up its mind.  Here’s a breakdown of my week since we spoke last:

Wednesday: Our Día de la Primavera (holiday celebrating the first day of spring) didn’t go quite as planned—we had the day off from class and were hoping to go to the modern art museum, but everyone overslept so that plan is still in reserve for another day.  Instead, I accompanied a housemate to the clinic near our house because she was having mysterious back pains.  That took up a good part of the early afternoon, but we ventured into the city afterwards and happened upon a block of clothing stores.  Naturally, browsing ensued; lots of stores are trying to get rid of last season’s clothes to make room for new stock.  I found a cute tank top on sale that I’ll wear a lot when it warms up just a liiiittle bit more 😀

Thursday: Gray and cold and miserable, despite the warm and sunny and all-around gorgeous weather we’d had the day before.  But we went out with classmates for lunch after class, which was fun.  I wound up with a chicken-tomato-avocado sandwich, which was not what I thought I was getting but was pretty tasty all the same.  That’s been happening quite a bit here, but I’ve been doing my best to try everything even if it doesn’t look quite like what I was expecting.  However…

Friday: …sometimes my stomach takes a little while to get on board with this new food philosophy.  I woke up on Friday morning not feeling well at all, so took the day off from school and tried to sleep it off.  (I guess it worked; my host mom said that every time she looked in on me I was fast asleep.)  Not sure exactly what caused it, but it will be a while before I go near any form of avocado.  Just to be on the safe side.

Today I’m still not quite a hundred percent but I really wanted to stretch my legs, so I took my camera out for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Now you can see a little bit of what I see on the daily:

Our front door

Peeking out at the street through our fence

Our house from a few steps further back

Looking down our street---it still blows my mind to see palm trees everywhere.

Walking down towards Azcuénaga, the street that leads to our neighborhood's tiny business district

This sign makes me smile every time I walk by it. A "mercería" is a sewing notions store; a "lencería" is a lingerie shop.

I love seeing old cars like this one still in use.

Walking by a cheery fruit display like this one instantly puts me in a better mood.

Love the curtain of flowers reaching from the house to the tree and now starting to creep out over the street via the power line.

Graffiti is absolutely everywhere in Buenos Aires---including along the train tracks near our house.

The train station in our neighborhood.

I'm never going to get tired of seeing houses like this one...

...but I also admire more modern designs like this one. (Bonus points for the cantaloupe paint job.)

Home again, home again!

That’s it for now!  Word has it that we’re having guests over for an asado (barbecue/grill/roast) tonight.  Argentine beef is legendary; I hope my stomach is up for it.  For now I think I’m gonna take it easy and read a little bit—I’ve been chipping away at La casa de los espíritus by Isabel Allende, and it’s going really well!



4 thoughts on “Neighborhood tour

  1. Julia Tanguay says:

    Oh my goodness! YOU LIVE IN VICENTE LOPEZ?!?!?!? You have to ask your host family to show you where the restaurant is. It is one of the most amazing places. They have pastries and desserts, amazing breakfast, or a really gourmet dinner that is reasonably priced with the exchange rate in dollars. I’m so happy you live there!! You also have to drink mate at the rio. I wish I could see you!!!!! I hope you’re having an amazing time. I lived on Adolfo Alsina, 3 blocks from Maipu towards the train. Maybe you could find my house one day 🙂 Also, be sure to get ice cream/empanadas delivered to your house someday. One of my favorite experiences in Argentina.

  2. Julia Tanguay says:

    Btw the restaurant I referred to is called Vicente Lopez.

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks so much for the tour around the neighborhood! It’s fun to see a little of what your everyday life is like.

    It’s hard to believe that students would oversleep on a day off! Hope you make it to the art museum soon.

  4. Your front door is so cute! i wish architecture was more interesting here… although i wonder if they’d think our 1850’s lead tycoon houses were as cool as we think their houses are.

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