I really should know better than to promise posts on specific days, because it almost never happens…oops. Sorry about that.

What all has happened this week?  On Monday night I went with Leah and some other kids from our program to a drum circle performance called La Bomba de Tiempo (The Bomb Of Time).  It was pretty awesome!  We were kind of late—since we technically live outside the capital city, it took us a bus, a subway, and a good old-fashioned hike on foot to get to the arena—but it was totally worth the trip!  The band geek in me was really fascinated by how the leader conducted the ensemble; it took me a little while to connect some of the different gestures to what they cued in the music.  Tickets were pretty cheap, 35 pesos (about US $8), so I imagine we will go back once or twice more.

On Monday I also bought a pair of boots I’d been eyeing for about a week.  I may or may not have gone by the store to visit them once or twice while the store was closed, and the owner may or may not have mentioned that one day he noticed me lurking outside (though of course he phrased it much more politely).  What can I say?  I just really wanted to be sure they were the right boots for me!

The last pair left, and they were in my size! It was meant to be. 🙂

The grapefruit Fanta (which I’m also super excited about) in the above picture is from a trip to the supermarket on Tuesday.  There are several big supermarket chains here; the one closest to our house is a Carrefour, which is kind of equivalent to a Wal-Mart in that it sells not only groceries but electronics and random things like towels and socks as well.  I was feeling inspired on Tuesday, so I struck out for a walk along Maipú Avenue (a major avenue 6-8 blocks from our house) to explore a little bit and stumbled upon a Disco, which is another big supermarket chain with a much more amusing name.  I popped in to look around and came away with a grapefruit pop (I love grapefruit) and a package of quasi-healthy low-fat oat-raisin cookies that I’m now unhealthily addicted to.

On Wednesday one of our program coordinators met us downtown to help us through the process of going through a background check–the first step of many for obtaining our student visas.  It was surprisingly painless—we didn’t have to wait long, and we all got fingerprinted with this cool little laser-inkpad thing.

Today, Thursday, I had my second exam at the university.  During these past couple of days, we’ve been working on how to express plausible and implausible hypothetical situations—not nearly as scary as it sounds.  I’ve been thinking about trying to get my hands on a Spanish-English translation textbook to mull over in my spare time; it really interests me as a career and I’m thinking about using my independent-study block in January to test it out.  I know that the university here has a degree program in translation, and I even went by the bookstore to inquire about getting a text without actually being enrolled in a class—but they just tried to sell me another copy of the workbook I already have, so I will have to revise my plan of attack.

After our exam, our entire class (all seven of us, minus a girl who went home sick) went and bought empanadas and pop and had a picnic on the little rooftop terrace of a classmate’s apartment!  I hope we do it again 😀  Luckily we wrapped things up before it rained; today started off gorgeous and sunny, but the weather really does change at the drop of a hat here.  It’s still kinda gray and rainy out, but that’s OK; it will be a good night to curl up with a book for a little while after dinner. 🙂

All for now!



4 thoughts on “Boots!

  1. Holly Morris says:

    empanadas – qué celosa estoy!!!
    Bomba can also be colloquial for drum – fyi :0)

    LOVE reading of your adventures!
    Me das todavía más ganas de arreglarme un viaje a la Argentina!

    • Kim says:

      Gracias! There are so many words I’m re-learning…strawberry is “frutilla”, like you said!, and grapefruit is “pomelo”, not “toronja”.
      Si no tuvieras trabajo, vendrías a visitarme, no? 😉

  2. Melissa says:

    Ooh…I like those! I’m glad that you found a Target/Wal-mart store! Love, Melissa

  3. Laura Taylor-Lloyd says:

    Lurking about for boots must be genetic… when I was about your age, there was a pair of boots that I really coveted from Redmond’s shoe store in Spencer. I “visited” them for 2 months before I actually bought them. But I have to say that I wore those boots for years, so it was worth it! Love, Aunt Laura

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