Taking it easy

Is it really Wednesday…and almost the end of October?  That can’t be right!  I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten this far into fall without consuming unhealthy amounts of candy corn.  Ridiculous!

Know what else is ridiculous?  Buenos Aires has also been infected by the worldwide zombie craze.  Apparently on Sunday night there is a citywide Halloween “Zombie Walk” that starts at Plaza San Martín and winds up at the Obelisk in the center of the city!  If I weren’t going to Iguazú Falls this weekend (!) I might think about going to check it out…

We started our second of two grammar classes on Monday.  The first couple days have been, as always, review, which is always good if a little tiresome.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m always going to have trouble with imperfect versus preterite tenses, because more often than not both tenses can be applied to one situation only with very subtle differences in meaning, and it depends more on the interpretation of the speaker than it does on any hard-and-fast rule.  Argentines seem to be fond of using preterite for everything, so maybe I will try that approach for a little while!

Also on Monday, Sally moved out. 😦  She wanted to be further into the city; as it is, getting into the north part of Buenos Aires by bus takes at least half an hour and can take up to two hours if we’re trying to go further south and traffic is bad, we’re a 10-minute walk and a 20-minute bus ride from the nearest subway stop, and cab rides at night are usually 50-60 pesos minimum ($12-$15 US).  I already miss Sally, but I’m really happy that she knows what she wants out of her time in Buenos Aires and wasn’t shy about going for it!  Plus we will still see each other at school…I foresee at least a few lunch dates. 🙂

Last night Leah’s dad and sister came to the house for dinner.  It was a typical Argentine affair: long, loud conversations and lots of laughter and food.  Oh, and it lasted almost four hours.  Life is paced a lot slower here than it is in the U.S.; people are happy to let you in line ahead of them at the grocery store if you have somewhere to be and they don’t, and they loooove to linger over a good meal or even a simple cup of coffee.  More than once I’ve caught myself power-walking down the sidewalk and getting frustrated at coming up short behind a group of Argentines strolling along: Who do they think they are, blocking everyone’s way and walking so slow…and soaking up the sun and enjoying the nice day…?  Then I think about how ridiculous that sounds, realize I don’t really have anyplace pressing to be either, and two seconds later I’m sauntering down the street too, having behind left my American need to constantly be rushing off somewhere.

Also, I had possibly the cutest mandarin orange with lunch today—and caught myself griping about how many seeds there were in it.  How bratty of me!  I’ve been spoiled by my lifelong easy access to seedless (genetically modified) fruit and have much bigger things to worry about than wasting a few extra seconds on peeling a silly little orange.  Plus, digging the seeds out made my fingers smell like fresh orange juice, which is never ever a bad thing! 🙂 Yet another reminder to not always be so critical and worried about wasting time.

On that note, because I feel like sharing, here’s a lackadaisical song by my favorite artist that I can’t get enough of:

Tomorrow evening CEA is taking us to Iguazú Falls for the weekend!  It’s a 12-hour bus ride there, which isn’t so exciting, but it will be mostly at night and hopefully I can get some sleep.  On Friday we’re stopping to run around and play on a cattle ranch, Saturday we are spending the whole day at the falls, and on Sunday we’re visiting an indigenous reserve before flying (!) back to Buenos Aires.  Can’t wait to get back and share it with you all!



2 thoughts on “Taking it easy

  1. Laura Taylor-Lloyd says:

    Hi Girlie,
    I had not read your blog for a few days. What a pleasant surprise to see 4 new posts since I had last checked in! I love the fact you are taking advantage of opportunities to soak in the sights and culture. A 12-hour bus ride? No prob if you’re getting to explore new territory… And congratulations on the successful completion of your first course! The reward is… more nit-picky grammar? Hmmm, that’s just wrong. 🙂

    Aunt Laura

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi Kim!
    I feel your pain. Preterite and imperfect are my two LEAST favorite things about spanish.
    First Zombies vs. Humans, and now Zombie Walks? 🙂
    Love, Melissa

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