San Isidro

Today was another gorgeous day—warm enough for a tank top!  I would have worn shorts too, except that Argentines always seem to have one more layer on than what we in the U.S. might think necessary for the start of summer.  (I still see people in the streets with light scarves or cardigans on.)  And shorts aren’t really worn in the city proper; I get the feeling that they’re reserved more for trips to the gym, the pool or the beach.  So in the interest of blending in, I put on jeans with my tank top today while getting ready for my trip to San Isidro.

San Isidro, like Vicente López, is part of what’s called Greater Buenos Aires—a suburb-type neighborhood that’s not technically part of the capitol (capital?) city.  It’s just a short train ride away from Belgrano, and I was itching to get out of the house.  Apparently lots of other people were thinking the same thing—there were a ton of people in shorts and sandals at the train station.  No doubt they were headed for Tigre, the river delta area a few more stops past San Isidro.  A crowded train makes for excellent people-watching, which made the time in transit fly right by.  As I ambled around the streets getting my bearings, I couldn’t help but think how eerie it was that there was absolutely nobody out and about—that ghost-town feeling is even more unsettling on a beautiful sunny day.  But when I found the central plaza, I also found where everybody was—at the open-air feria!

The upper level of the feria. That shade felt so good!

Naptime! Taking advantage of the cool cobblestones under a table.

The lower level of the feria. Beautiful plaza!

Meandered among the stalls for a while, eyeing handcrafted rings/necklaces/earrings, doll clothes, pirated DVDs, incense, and all kinds of crocheted things.  One vendor asked me if I was Italian or Brazilian—those seem like oddly specific choices that have nothing to do with each other, but there’s a huge Italian influence here in Buenos Aires, and hey, Brazil’s not that far away, right?

Some more photos from today:

Neat graffiti! Love how it spills over onto the adjoining wall.

Church right next to the plaza where the feria took place. Stunning!

Had to lean waaaay back to take this one. The stone was much pinker in real life!

Three different shades of pink in the flowers on this house! Count 'em.

Shady and serene.

In the middle of what looked like the business district.

Waiting to catch the train home!

Back to class tomorrow…finals on Wednesday!

On a completely unrelated note, the Black Keys are releasing their new album on Tuesday, which I am super excited for.  Thanks be to the far-reaching power of iTunes.

All for now!


One thought on “San Isidro

  1. Laura Taylor-Lloyd says:

    Hi, Kim. I am just reading this on Wednesday, which means that you are done with finals now!!! Congratulations on what I am sure will be a successful close to your great adventure abroad. Or perhaps I should say the close to the first of many great adventures abroad. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday. Love,
    Aunt Laura

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